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Serious Sam 3 Multiplayer Crack V3.0.3.0




Versus Points – Each multiplayer game has its own scoreboard that shows your player statistics such as Match Wins, Match Losses, Total Kills, Total Deaths, Total Assist, Total Assists, Deaths Per Match, Deaths Per Kill, Kill Per Match, Kill Per Death, Kill Ratio, Kill Per Kill Ratio, Kill to Death Ratio, Kill Per Death Ratio, Match Wins, Match Losses and much more. In-game replay – Online replays allow you to review your gameplay and review all of your statistics in a easy to understand format. Versus Battle Challenge – Versus Battle Challenge is a special Challenge that every multiplayer player needs to participate to earn more ranking points for the Battle Rankings. Versus Battle Challenges Versus Battle Challenges allow players to participate in “Gang Wars”, Multiplayer online battle by fighting against other players from all over the world for survival. In a Gang Wars match, players take turns to attack other players and they can be killed in a normal Battle or they can capture a base and defend it against all attacks. Each victory earns the team points and you can earn more points by killing other players. You can see the Gang Wars Team Points and your player ranking on the Versus Battle screen in the Match Information. Versus Social -Versus Social is a special social network that allows you to meet, chat and play against other users from around the world. Versus Competitive Play -Versus Competitive Play is the high level competitive online game mode where players compete against each other for victory and bragging rights. Players can compete in Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag or Battle Royale. Versus Deathmatch -Versus Deathmatch is the classic Deathmatch game where players have to fight against each other until the last player remains. It is possible for the last player to regain the advantage if he/she captures the flag that will be dropped in the game area. Versus Team Deathmatch -Versus Team Deathmatch is the battle between the two teams with the ability to respawn until the last player of the team is killed or the last team captures the flag. Each team has a flag and each team member has a special player weapon. The team that captures the flag and holds it to the end of the game wins. Versus Capture the Flag -Versus Capture the Flag is the team versus team game in which players have to capture the enemy flag and return it to the team base. Each team has a flag and each team



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Serious Sam 3 Multiplayer Crack V3.0.3.0

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