The bookstore is also a membership store but it is not required. With varied choices, join for a year, receive credits for joining plus receive more credits when donating books back! An added benefit is 15% off of any priced book, like those new or listed on Amazon. Here are the types of membership: 

                                            Family $25/year/25 credits

                                            Individual $20/year/20 credits

                                            Sustaining $40/year/25 credits

                                            Senior-Student $15/year/15 credits

        If you would like to become a member, make your choice, add your address and family names if needed, add your email, then send a check to Park Hill Community Bookstore at 4620 E. 23rd Ave. A membership form is found HERE Denver 80220. Or, you can join or renew on this site with a credit card! Just go above to "SHOP"

        We are a volunteer-only-run bookstore. If you're interested in volunteering, tell us that, too! We'd love to work with you! 

        If you are already a member and it's time for you to renew, you can do this by mail or credit card, too. If you have the recent email sent to members, look at the bottom of the message to find your renewal date. If you don't have it, call us and we'll look you up to find out! We're looking forward to seeing or hearing from you!

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