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About the Bookstore

      Originally known as the Park Hill Cooperative Bookstore, the Park Hill Community Bookstore was incorporated in 1971 (the same year as The Tattered Cover) with the goal of expanding literacy within the community.  We are the oldest continuously operated not-for-profit bookstore in the Denver metro area. To fulfill our mission of contributing to community literacy we offer a large selection of used books at greatly reduced prices and provide funds to local school libraries to expand their collections.  Additionally, unsold books are periodically donated to local charities, and schools, including Manual and Mcauliffe, the Greater Park Hill Community, The Gathering Place, St. Francis Apt, the Salvation Army, and ARC. 

      We offer over 17,000 used books on our 3 floors most priced between $2 and $5 or 1 to 2 credits for members.  Our loft is filled with mysteries, while our basement offers readers a large selection in major categories (history, religion, travel, biographies, poetry, cooking, science fiction, science, short stories, parenting, gardening and home, business, young adult, and more!).  Our main floor has children’s books, popular fiction and a wide array of non-fiction books priced at market value. We also carry a small selection of new bestsellers, plus locally made greeting cards and seasonal calendars. 

       The bookstore is managed by a seven-person Board of Directors and staffed entirely with community volunteers. Our volunteer staff work behind the desk, help update the inventory, process and shelve books, and maintain the website, FB, and Instagram pages. Our volunteers also manage a small Amazon sales initiative.  If you love books and are looking for a way to give back to our community, please stop by and ask about becoming a volunteer.

From the Press


“This is one of my all time favorite stores.”


“The Park Hill Community Book Store is the Cat's Pajamas! ”


“This bookstore offers intimate connections and interactions with the community”

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